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Stop fad dieting, start losing weight & reshape your life. Master the psychology of weight loss.

Focusing on evidence-based tools aimed at facilitating change in both thinking and behaviour in order to create lasting weight loss & health changes. Learn our method for permanent weight loss & maintenance; for both you and your clients!


How great athletes think, train and thrive!

Create unlimited potential & results with a customized mental strength training program either on-site or on-line! We will help develop a training curriculum to meet your team’s needs!


Work 1-to-1 with Jill Bunny

Learn how cognitive behaviour therapy can be used to help you achieve your weight loss/health and fitness goals.  You will learn

  • Think Differently: Change sabotaging thoughts that lead you astray.
  • Stay In Control: Problem solve your most challenging situations.
  • Feel Confident: Master skills to follow a healthy eating and exercise plan.
  • Transform Your Attitude: Manage deprivation, disappointment, unfairness, rebellion, and burden.

Stop Negative Thoughts & Lose Weight!

Diet & Exercise isn’t always enough! Download NOW and learn how  you can use healthy thinking to reach your desired weight!