for fitness professionals

Learn to stop focusing solely on the food and training programs you create. Master the psychology component that most health coaching businesses lack!  

Through workshops and retreats and online courses, you can learn evidence-based tools that focus on facilitating change in your clients thinking and behaviour. Combine our method with your food / training coaching for permanent weight loss & maintenance!


How great athletes think, train and thrive!

Create unlimited potential & results with a customized mental strength training program either on-site or on-line! We will help develop a training curriculum to meet your team’s needs!


1:1 Coaching for Fitness Pros

Learn how to apply CBT-Fitness concepts into your business, with weekly supervision calls. You will learn how to:

  • Change Your Clients Thoughts. Change clients sabotaging thoughts that lead them off-track.
  • Stay In Control: Problem solve your most challenging clients.
  • Feel Confident: Master skills that will tackle the reasons why clients can’t just simply follow a food plan.  
  • Increase Revenue: Increase retention and referral rates by creating long-term results for clients.

Top 3 CBT-Tools For Fitness Professionals!

We know that sometimes diet & exercise isn’t always enough! Learn how you can use healthy thinking to help your clients reach and maintain their fitness goals!