Ultimate CBT Journal

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Your Personal Workout, Diet & Mindset Planner.

If you want to achieve your fitness goal, you need a plan. The Ultimate CBT Journal is the best way to make it happen. By setting intentions in the morning and reflecting both at night and at the end of each week, this CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and fitness focused journal helps you plan your workouts and track your diet so that you achieve your goal. Featuring a simple, structured design, the Ultimate CBT Journal gives you the guidance you need to get motivated and, by maintaining consistency, allows you to have the confidence to get right back on track if a set-back occurs. 

The 4-Week Ultimate CBT Journal Features:

The Ultimate CBT Journal

“Great size and so informative. It had everything I was looking for to track everything – all in one book! Love it.” – Lisa F. 

“Love this journal. It has room to make a record of my food and exercise, but the best part for me is being able to record what’s going on with me emotionally. This enables me to sort things out and refocus my thoughts.  A total game changer for me!” – Tina M.

“Writing everything down made me realize how my thoughts impacted my success (or should I say “lack of success”) with all of the other programs I have tried. This process helped me to stay organized and in control. Journaling is definitely something I will continue to do.” – Lynette P.

Ultimate CBT Journal

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