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As you know I have experience with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help resolve work related PTSD and Depression that was brought on by my career in policing. I have a good understanding of what CBT consists of, but the 4-week CBT course that specifically targets how we think about nutrition, surpassed what I was expecting. I had never thought to implement CBT techniques for my struggles I have had with food which are deep rooted from my teenage years. I now know why I have been a victim to -yo-yo dieting, fad diets, falling off the gym wagon many times and having my weight fluctuate anywhere from 220lbs to 119lbs over the course of my adult life. In just 4 weeks' time I feel confident that I have a solid tool box of coping strategies to use for when I start to question or doubt my health and fitness goals. I can honestly say this CBT course has made me analyze my behaviours, thoughts and most importantly food in a very different way than I ever have before. Additionally, the CBT course has motivated me to start a new morning routine that gives me mental clarity and positivity to start my day out on the best foot possible! If anyone were to ask me about what I thought about the CBT course, I would say “JUST DO IT” you have nothing to lose and I am certain everyone has something to gain from reading through the exercises and implementing them into their daily lives. After all, your mental and physical health may depend on it.
Thank you for sharing this course with me. It was very helpful. I have a whole new perspective to the approach of dieting. At one time I looked at it as dreaded journey, but with the help of this course it is more enjoyable. I feel more in control and if by chance I derail, I know not to kill myself but to forgive myself and carry on. I really enjoyed the daily lessons. I found that everyday reading the lessons helped to keep me on track. In the past, I often had questions and thoughts that I had to deal with when trying to reach a goal. I found that most of my thoughts were mostly negative and self-sabotaging. Through this course, I was able to identify when these type of thoughts occurred and I had the power, with the skills that I learned, to change things around. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone. It's a small change that makes a big difference for life!
I started working with Jill a few months ago. Diving deep into her fitness and workout programs. It wasn’t until April 1st that I opted to start her new CBT course. This was tough for this mindset around food is what I struggle with most. I have recently read the diet solution, so had a rough idea around CBT, response cards, etc. I however did not realize how much this course would literally change my life. I have always struggled with food, eating too much, too little, none at all, binging, you name it. I’ve always yo-yo dieted and struggled to maintain a healthy weight. I also have always struggled saying no, eating in social situations, i.e holidays, gatherings. Throughout this journey these last 28 days I learned that: I do not need to eat something I don’t want to, how someone feels about me not eating it is non of their business. I am responsible for my food choices, and they don’t always have to be on plan, enjoying treats from time to time is acceptable. I’m human. Reading my response cards and advantages list really do help keep my mind focused on my end goals. Weight and the scale are not a depiction of my worthiness and health. It barely moved, yet I’m stronger, leaner, and more confident than ever in my body. And finally. .. that life is difficult, and we have times where we are going to fall off track, and life gets busy, and events come up. But at the end of the day, your health, your mindset and your choices are ultimately YOURS. Jill, this course is gold. It is something that the fitness industry has been needing for a while, and I truly believe you will change many lives with it.
I've made my way through the first CBT course and I want to applaud you on putting good quality content out there for people to use and see. Major things that quickly stood out, was how simple your steps are to follow that have lasting impacts.I still have my "Advantages List" up and see them at times right when I need them. I love how the material is very easy to understand which boosts me up to know I can complete these tasks daily. I have done each day with purpose and now I can say with habit: - eat each meal sitting down - read my advantages list daily - schedule my day and journal - stay active (which is one of my distraction techniques) - wear my bracelet that reminds me of how great I'm doing - love myself for being human. I remember you wrote to me "Eating is not the same as breathing." That struck a serious cord with me. It showed me eating can be monitored and controlled and I won't die if I don't do it every hour of the day or if I see another person doing it. My mindset wasn't there when you first told me this. Now, I can confidently say I can live in a world with food around me and still see myself as a NORMAL HUMAN BEING. Looking forward to your other courses you have coming up. I find the Binge Eating one very interesting to go through.
I just wanted to say I loveeed the CBT program!! You honestly did an amazing job with this program. The course material is done in such a simple way, yet powerful enough to really make you think. I personally am one of those people that is always too hard on myself about everything (and I get told this all the time by others as well) and this really helped me learn to actually stop and think about how I react and respond to situations not only with food but with other areas of my life as well. It helped me realize that I really am my worst critic and I always pick out the things that go wrong and never give myself credit for the things I do right or accomplish. I have learned to be more aware of my eating and if I am actually really hungry or not, I’ve learned to take time to sit and eat and that sitting for a few minutes to be aware of my food isn’t the end of the world, taking time to realize I’m full and not feeling like I need to scrape off every piece of food that is on my plate. Also trying to reduce stress was a huge one for me as I over analyze every little thing and stress myself out about things that really aren’t important for me to stress over (simple things like omg I didn’t get a chance to mop my floors today; that "Oh Well Technique" really works lol) and mostly learning to schedule down time for myself to relax, have a tea and read some of my book or that it’s okay to say you know what I’m going to take a bubble bath, I need some me time. I know I’ve mentioned this to you before and I will say it again you truly are such an inspiration, from your story to your posts and the words you speak I really do admire you!! You truly are an amazing woman and I’m so glad to have found you. I would most definitely recommend this course to anyone that needs that extra help to combat their way of thinking, and while this course is mainly based around food it really does help you gain knowledge of your sabotaging thoughts in other aspects of life as well. Also, the simple tasks like the response cards and the distraction lists to the advantage lists are all super helpful little tools to keep on hand and refer back to when you're really in that tough moment and feel like saying "forget, it I screwed up I can’t do this" or to just remind yourself exactly of why you are on the journey your on and to keep pushing towards being the best version of you and your goals and learning to be proud of the steps and accomplishments you do make. Thank you again, truly this course really touched a soft spot for me and was far more then I expected. Genuinely loved every day of this. Can’t wait for what’s to come next!!
Working with Jill was awesome! I initially went into it with only focusing on my binge eating, but I got so much more out of it. The CBT component with the nutrition and training was the missing link in my transformation. The tools and strategies that Jill taught me to look at regarding my thoughts and feelings were quite powerful. It was so much more than just food that was causing me irritation and discontent within my life. I really learned how to stop and sit with the thoughts and feelings and become conscious of what I was doing. I learned I am more powerful than I gave myself credit for. I know I can’t change others but I can change my thoughts and feelings. I highly recommend working with Jill. You definitely won’t be disappointed!

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