The Emergency

Every fitness plan needs a Plan-B!

Reduce Fitness-Sabotage with Your Plan-B Blueprint!

The Emergency Fit-Blueprint is a system you can rely on, when you need to take back control of your fitness when “disaster strikes” and your original food/training plan goes out the window. The situation you may be faced with in the future could be minor or it could be major. It could be personal, local or it could be global. Whatever the situation, we want you to immediately have a customized health and fitness resource that can:

  • Guide you to an effective “Plan-B” option.
  • Ease feelings of uncertainty by having access to your customized emergency resource list. 

This Emergency-Fit Blueprint is in Demand!

Knowing how to navigate your food and workout plan, by having a simple one-page blueprint, along with an emergency resource list, will help take into account the times when you might be stuck without a meal, unable to access your regular gym, or when a personal emergency pops up, throwing off your carefully planned-out schedule. By implementing a strategic Plan-B option, you will reduce the anxiety and stress that is created from heightened reactive emotions. 

The devastation of COVID-19 showed where fitness programs lacked a concise Plan-B resource to refer to. This is why CBT-FITNESS Health Coach Jill Bunny created this exact resource – to help you navigate uncertain situations with confidence. 

The Emergency-Fit Blueprint was designed FOR YOU!

What’s Included in the Emergency Fit-Blueprint

Emergency Fit-Blueprint Manual

You will receive a detailed manual that will explain everything you need to know about the Emergency Fit-Blueprint program.  

Video Instruction  

Watch a quick demo video explaining how to use The Emergency-Fit Blueprint program.

Emergency Fit-Blueprint Template 

You will receive an editable blank template and an editable completed template to use as a reference. To make changes to the Blueprint, simply use your Powerpoint software. 

Emergency Resource List  

You will gain access to both an American and Canadian emergency resource list that includes information on finding mental health treatment, helpful helplines and websites, and Crisis Hot-Lines. 

Reduce fitness related sabotage & heightened anxiety with your customized Emergency-Fit Blueprint!

Yes, I am ready to create my Emergency-Fit Blueprint! 

Recap of What You Get:

  • Instructional Manual
  • Video Demonstration 
  • Emergency-Fit Blueprint Template(s) 
  • Emergency Resource List

Valued at $79.99 — you can get all of this for just $7 – Now is the time for you to CREATE your Emergency-Fit Blueprint!

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