cbt fitness health certification

CBT-Fitness Health Coach Certification Course

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Certification Overview

The only CBT-Fitness Health Coach Certification program providing hands on experiential training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles and diet/training psychology coaching techniques focused on the health and fitness industry. The program will also offer additional career opportunities such as running workshops, conducting 1-to-1 sessions and becoming one of our very own CBT-Fitness instructors!

CBT-Fitness Health Coach

Part wellness authority, part supportive mentor, part behavioral change specialist, a CBT-Fitness Health Coach is key to helping people make healthy, long-term changes stick. 

CBT-Fitness Certification

The CBT-Fitness Certification will introduce you to a set of skills that is highly tactical and is the core of a CBT-Fitness Health Coach’s toolkit. Because CBT-Fitness is structured and concrete in nature, you will learn skills that you can immediately put into practice, both professionally as well as personally.

As a CBT-Fitness Health Coach, you will know how to create healthy lifestyle change using CBT principles and positive psychology coaching techniques.

You will benefit from hands-on group experiential training with individualized feedback from the course facilitator and teaching assistants.

Through a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, demonstrations, worksheets and personal coaching sessions,  you will learn which CBT-Fitness interventions to use and how to best apply these interventions.

Course Includes

Lecture (PDF) Notes

Lifetime access to your comprehensive, downloadable CBT-Fitness modules. (PDF format). Read your course material either on our online learning database, or save to your computer / print off. 

Video Lectures

Each topic is split up into our easy to digest video lectures – lasting approximately 5-20 minutes. Each video is accompanied by lecture slides to complete your learning expeirence.  

1-to-1 Coaching

Twelve 30 minute exclusive 1-to-1 coaching sessions with Jill Bunny to go over your module assignment, and any questions you might have pertaining to the course material. 

CBT-Fitness Worksheets

Gain access to your 50+ PDF recourse toolkit containing all of the CBT-Fitness worksheets you will ever need as a CBT-Fitness Health Coach. 

cbt fitness health certification

As a Certified CBT-Fitness Health Coach:

  • You can use the official designation CBT-Fitness Health Coach (CBT-FHC).

  • From a CBT-Fitness perspective, you can engage in competent client-case conceptualization and formulation that sets a clear path for your client’s success.

  • You can initiate and execute appropriate cognitive interventions central to CBT-Fitness with proper judgment and competence.

  • You can initiate and execute behavioral interventions central to CBT-Fitness with proper judgment and competence.

  • You can instill increased client confidence through the use of your tactical skills and have them leave every training session/check-in with something helpful to work on during the following week.

  • You can conduct 1-to-1 CBT-Fitness based health coaching sessions.

  • You can conduct group CBT-Fitness based health coaching workshops.

Your Teacher Jill Bunny

The role I feel I am destined to fulfill in the fitness industry involves bridging the gap between psychotherapy and fitness. My goal is to make substantial and long-lasting changes in the lives of fitness professionals and their clientele by providing them with specialized mental health education. As a psychotherapist, I specialize in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to effectively resolve sabotaging thoughts, limiting beliefs and mental traps that are commonly held in the health and fitness sector. Through the CBT-Fitness Health Coaching Certification Program, fitness professionals, such as yourself will be able to learn the skills needed to help clients obtain long-term, realistic results. In turn this will help promote increased retention/referral rates as well as a boost in your overall business revenue. 

CBT-Fitness Health Coach Certification Course

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