Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) which helps you learn to change your thoughts, feelings and behaviours so you feel better. By focusing on your reactions to certain situations, CBT Meets Fitness can help you react more effectively to challenging situations surrounding your health and fitness goals. You will even learn to feel better when you are unable to change situations happening around you. For instance, “We might not be able to change the way our loved one’s eat; but we can learn to accept it and not let it sabotage our own goals.”

CBT Meets Fitness is a problem-solving focused, aimed at helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Your goals can be anything from:

  • Wanting to lose weight.
  • Wanting to gain control over your food habits.
  • Wanting to reduce feelings of anxiety or depression around your health and fitness goals.
  • Wanting to feel more confident.
  • Wanting to learn how to refrain thoughts so you can stop self-sabotaging.

CBT Meets Fitness focuses on present obstacles and current situations that are distressing. The here-and-now focus allows you to solve current problems more quickly and effectively. Identifying specific challenges and focusing on them in a consistent and structured manner results in achieving MORE health goals, and achieving them in a shorter period of time.

CBT Meets Fitness requires you to put in the work to solve your problems. Rather than waiting for problems to get better after talking about them repeatedly from week to week, you are able to take an active role in your own treatment, using self-help assignments and CBT tools created In our easy step-by-step modules. Each course we create is focused on identifying ways of thinking differently, and unlearning unwanted reactions.

CBT is the most widely researched therapy that exists, over 500 studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of CBT for numerous psychological and medical problems. It is one of the few therapies that is scientifically proven to be effective. CBT has made ground breaking changes in peoples lives; especially in health and fitness. Applying the concepts of CBT to the health and fitness industry is changing countless lives; both mentally and physically.

Making big changes can be difficult. CBT Meets Fitness take this very seriously, and are dedicated to helping all members along this process, offering CBT tools in an environment centred around warmth and compassion. With our supportive relationship, members feel more comfortable stepping outside of their comfort zone to achieve their health and fitness goals. 

For more information about what CBT MEETS FITNESS is, how it us used in health and fitness, and the methods we use, explore our site using the navigation menu at the top of this page, or visit download our STOP NEGATIVE THOUGHTS FREE E-BOOK.

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Jill Bunny

As CEO of CBT Meets Fitness, Jill Bunny provides the vision and leadership to further our mission: to improve mental health & fitness worldwide through excellence in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She manages internal operations and oversees the creation of new programs. She also manages the expansion of existing programs to increase access to CBT training and certification programs for health & fitness professionals in North America. She holds a degree in Kinesiology, from the University of New Brunswick, along with Functional Medicine certification from IFMHC, and CBT qualifications from the University of Laurier, Penn State & Beck’s Institute in the US.

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CBT Meets Fitness is the bridge between psychotherapy + fitness.

We are comprised of educated professionals specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for things like depression, anxiety, and numerous other psychological concerns pertaining to weight loss, athletics, as well as dieting & exercise. Our experts use clinically-proven methods, which make us the premier online CBT fitness treatment centre in North America. At CBT Meets Fitness, we are proud to serve women & athletes across the globe with evidence based skills to help with the missing mental piece of health & fitness transformations and athletic success.

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