Age Means Nothing – A Story That Will Inspire!

I started following Jill on Instagram approximately 2 years ago.  I loved her 7 a.m. posts, and the way should would interact with me if I commented on one of her posts. 

In April of this year I went to the Dr. for my physical and my Dr. wanted to do a bone density test. To my surprise the results came back that I have osteoporosis, and I needed to go on Prolia injections every 6 months, and I should continue to work out and eat as healthy as possible.  At the same time all this was happening I had been toying with the idea of signing up with Jill as an annual member.  

One morning in May I commented on one of Jill’s 7 a.m. posts and told her one of the things on my bucket list was to do a photo shoot for my 65th birthday. Jill asked me ” why wait till you are 65? Let’s do it now”.  Those were the words I needed to hear . I signed up with Jill in May as an 
annual member as I am in this to stay healthy not just for a short term fix!! 

In August I decided to sign up and take the CBT MEETS FITNESS course especially since I had been watching Jill develop it since it was just a mere thought in her pretty head.  I thought it was something I would love to try and that it would likely help me on my road to success…

This course is incredible. I learned so much about myself , my habits and ways to change them permanently. After taking this course I have changed many of my habits and here are just a few:

  • I always sit down to eat now. 
  • Food tastes so much better and my meals aren’t rushed.
  • I write in a journal daily. I write things I am grateful for at the beginning of every day. I find it very inspirational. 
  • Every morning I read my “advantages list” before heading out to the gym. It reminds me of “my why “and keeps me motivated. 
  • I give myself credit for ALL the things I do well, rather than knock myself down the way I have in the past.
  • If I eat something off plan, I no longer feel like that’s the end!  No more sabotaging thoughts. I pick up where I left off and keep going. 
  • This is a lifestyle change not a quick fix! 

Since taking the course my mindset is so much stronger that it is very rare that I do go off plan , because my mindset has changed and it’s so much easier to follow the plan that Jill lays out for me when your head is in the right place.

At 63 years old ( in December) I am focused on my health and fitness and am preparing for that photo shoot in May 2020.

4 weeks, 28 days, 10 to 15 minutes a day can change the way you look and feel about health and fitness ! I have never felt better. I am thankful every day for my connection with Jill and all she has done and continues to do for me. 


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Jill Bunny

As CEO of CBT Meets Fitness, Jill Bunny provides the vision and leadership to further our mission: to improve mental health & fitness worldwide through excellence in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She manages internal operations and oversees the creation of new programs. She also manages the expansion of existing programs to increase access to CBT training and certification programs for health & fitness professionals in North America. She holds a degree in Kinesiology, from the University of New Brunswick, along with Functional Medicine certification from IFMHC, and CBT qualifications from the University of Laurier, Penn State & Beck’s Institute in the US.

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