Meet Jill

Coined First CBT-Fitness Health Coach in the Fitness Industry.

CBT Meets Fitness is the bridge between psychotherapy + fitness.

 We are comprised of educated professionals specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for things like depression, anxiety, and numerous other psychological concerns pertaining to weight loss, athletics, as well as dieting & exercise. Our experts use clinically-proven methods, which make us the premier online CBT fitness learning centre in North America. At CBT Meets Fitness, we are proud to serve fitness professionals & athletes across the globe with evidence based skills to help with the missing mental piece of health & fitness transformations and athletic success.


As CEO of CBT Meets Fitness, Jill Bunny seeks to make substantial and long-lasting changes in the lives of fitness professionals and their clientele by providing them with specialized Mental Health education, using the concepts of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She holds a degree in Kinesiology, from the University of New Brunswick, along with Functional Medicine certification from IFMHC, and CBT qualifications from the University of Laurier, Penn State. She has also attended the Beck’s Institute to further her CBT studies.

Jill Bunny is the recipient of many awards, certifications & degrees including:

+ University of Laurier – CBT Essentials
+ University of New Brunswick – Kinesiology Recreation Sport Studies

She has also attended the Beck’s Institute and educated herself in the following courses:

+ Beck’s Essential for CBT
+ Beck’s CBT for Depression
+ Beck’s CBT for Anxiety
+ Beck’s Weight Loss Management for Therapist

Jill Bunny directs the three major pillars of CBT MEETS FITNESS:

+ Educational Learning 
+ Professional Certification Programs for Health & Fitness Professionals
+ Workshops / Seminars

Jill’s mission:

The role Jill feels destined to fulfill in the fitness industry involves bridging the gap between psychotherapy and fitness. Her goal is to make substantial and long-lasting changes in the lives of fitness professionals and their clientele by providing them with specialized Mental Health education. Jill specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to effectively resolve sabotaging thoughts, limiting beliefs and mental traps that are common in the health and fitness sector. 

She is also working on a platform that is dedicated to providing accessible, cost-effective mental health support for fitness professionals. For fitness entrepreneurs, access to mental health is non-existent. Her goal is to build a team that can create a network/platform where fitness professionals can enroll to receive support and education. Covering topics such as suicide prevention/early detection, burn-out, depression, and anxiety; she envisions this network as the pioneer for the safe place that is needed for fitness professionals to connect with one another. With a diverse number of clinical experts, she plans on running webinars and short courses as well as events to help bring these concepts to life, across North America.  

Jill Bunny has written dozens of articles on different aspects of cognitive therapy related to health and fitness. She is the author of Amateur to Pro, Life After Competing, as well as books and workbooks. Her other publications include:

Strong Magazine – Cover & Interview Article on CBT / Workout Muscle Memory Magazine – Cover & Health & Fitness Spread
Muscle Memory Magazine – CBT Issue – Post Competition Healing
Health & Fitness Australia – Cover / Workout Publication
Train For Her – Cover / Interview Article on health /Fitness & Mindset
Canadian Physique Alliance – Content Creator for F & Q With Jill Bunny

Online Courses

Jill continues to create online CBT-Fitness courses for health & fitness professionals, including the upcoming CBT-Fitness Health Coaching Certification starting September 2020. To date, her courses have been taken in over 10 countries. 

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