Drop the All or Nothing Mentality

A healthy mind and body need consistent realistic behaviours.

Fitness Professionals! Learn 3 CBT-Fit tools you can use to help your clients get back on-track!

Bridging the Gap Between Psychotherapy + Fitness

Our goal is to help fitness professionals make substantial and long lasting changes with their clients. We specialize in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to effectively help trainers solve weight gain, binge eating & body dissatisfaction connected to health & fitness.

Our Mission

Health & Fitness is NOT just a matter of willpower and a plan.  To be successful, you have to learn a set of thinking and behavioural skills!


What we THINK affects how we act and feel.


What we FEEL affects how we think and what we do.


What we DO affects how we think and feel.

How to Get Started

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Short Courses

CBT-Fitness Health Coach CERTIFICATION

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New Mindset = New Results!

How do great athletes think, train and thrive? We give female athletes the tools and strategies to empower themselves to take full responsibility for their lives, their sports success and their happiness! When athletes learn how to master their emotions, overcome fear and adopt a “never give up” attitude, they become unstoppable in sports and in their lives! We will create a champion mindset on and off the field.

Meet Jill Bunny

Jill Bunny is a functional nutritionist, elite trainer & CBT expert in the areas of food, exercise, mood /anxiety disorders & sleep disturbances in relation to health, fitness & athletics. She is trained in evidence-based techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Positive Psychology. Her fitness approach emphasizes tailoring evidence-based practices to fit clients’ unique individual needs to maximize the effectiveness of their health and fitness goals.

The Ultimate CBT Journal

Accomplish your health and fitness goal, with the Ultimate CBT Journal – your personal workout, diet and mindset planner.   

If you want to achieve your fitness goal, you need a plan. The Ultimate CBT Journal is the best way to make it happen. By setting intentions in the morning and reflecting both at night and at the end of each week, this CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and fitness focused journal helps you plan your workouts and track your diet so that you achieve your goal. Featuring a simple, structured design, the Ultimate CBT Journal gives you the guidance you need to get motivated and, by maintaining consistency, allows you to have the confidence to get right back on track if a set-back occurs. 

The 4-Week Ultimate CBT Journal features:

  • Morning intention setting tools.
  • Diet, training, social media trackers.
  • Evening contemplation exercises.
  • Weekly Reflections to help you prepare for the following week.


Set a goal, track your progress, and achieve your health and fitness goal with the Ultimate CBT Journal

Top 3 CBT-Tools For Fitness Professionals!

We know that sometimes diet & exercise isn’t always enough! Learn how  you can use healthy thinking to help your clients reach their fitness goals!


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